Nicholas Gunn - Ibiza Sunset

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Under The Influence of Music: The Complete Series

Enjoy a few of the beautiful tracks that comprise the most recent and full length album from Nicholas Gunn

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NPR Echoes – Program Highlights: Nicholas Gunn’s Electronic Experience

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  |  John Diliberto  |  NPR Echoes The last time we heard from Nicholas Gunn, he was blowing flute on evocative melodies on albums like Afternoon in Sedona, Sacred Fire and Thirty-One Nights. And he’d been doing that for most of his life....
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The Good Men Project – An Interview with Nick Gunn

Published June 21st, 2014  |  Greg Simms  |  The Good Men Project The Chicago based duo has taken electronic dance music by storm. In this interview, we find out how. (We Are) Nexus is an EDM duo that’s made some impressive moves in the past  year. They broke onto the...
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15 Things You Must Do to Make it in the Music Industry

Published November, 2015  |  Nick Gunn  |  ASCAP, Music Clout, The Indie Island, and more… Wondering how to make it in the music industry? In this guest post, TakeLessons Teacher and music industry veteran Nick Gunn shares 15 tips musicians can’t afford to...
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Music Existence – Interview: Nicholas Gunn

Published August 31st, 2016  |  Colette Josef  |  Music Existence First things first, thanks so much for sitting down with us! We saw your and Dana’s wedding pics online, GORGEOUS! How did you two meet? How did you come to be in Chicago? Thanks, they definitely came...
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